Alaa Aldin Alsajadi (1907-1984)

Academic, writer, journalist, educator, historian,
He was born in 1907 in the village of Barao in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan.

His scientific and professional career:
– In 1939 he was Director of the Department of Kurdish Magazine ”Gelawej ”.
– In 1948, he published Magazine ”Nizar ” in Kurdish and Arabic.
– Alsajadi became after 1958 a lecturer in the Faculty of Arts – the Kurdish section of University of Baghdad- to teach the history of Kurdish literature
– In 1972 he was elected as a member of the Iraqi Scientific Academy – the Kurdish section.

Languages ​​that he has mastered:
Kurdish (mother tongue) – Persian-Arabic

His books and Articles:

He has many books and articles in Kurdish and Arabic, including:
1 – History of Kurdish literature-”Mijuwi edebi Kurdi” in Kurdish -, Baghdad, the 1st edition in 1952 and 2nd edition in 1971.
2 – Kurdish names -”Nawi Kurdi” in Kurdish – Baghdad 1952.
3 – A trip in Kurdistan -”Geshtik le Kurditanda” in Kurdish- Baghdad, 1956.
4- Pearl Necklace-”Reshtey Marwari” in Kurdish- This book is printed in eight parts from 1957 to 1983, containing Kurdish jokes and nice tales.
5 – Kurdish revolutions and the revolution of July 14-”Shorsha Kani Kurd and Shorshi July 14”in Kurdish- Baghdad, 1959.
6 -Flower of the Daisy-”Hemisha behar”in Kurdish- is a collection of  Kurdish folk stories and folklore – Baghdad, 1960.
7 – Grammar and Dictionary of Kurdish-”Destor u ferhengi Kurdi”  in Kurdish- Baghdad Press Knowledge, 1962.

8- Kurdish literature and the study of Kurdish literature-”edebi kurdi noy u likolinewe le edebi kurdi”  in Kurdish- , Baghdad, 1967.
9 -Criticism and Evaluation -”Narkh Shinasi” in Kurdish – Baghdad, 1969.
10- Nidal and Salem poems -”Dau Jamekay Naly and Salem”in Kurdish-Baghdad, 1973.
11 – Kurdish customs and traditions -”kordewry” in Kurdish- Baghdad, 1974.
12 – Alasahah -”Khoshkhwani” in Kurdish- University of Sulaymaniyah, 1978.
13 – Texts of Kurdish literature -”Dekani Kehi Deby Kurdi”in Kurdish – Baghdad, Kurdish Scientific Academy, 1978.
14 – History of Kurdish prose -”Mizuwi pekhshani Kurdi”in Kurdish- Arbil,2000.

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