Prof. Marouf Khazandar (1930-2010)

Academic, historian, journalist, translator, writer, was born in the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1930.
He is considered one of the flags of the Kurdish and Arab cultures in Iraq. He has provided the cultural library with many historical and literary works.

His scientific and professional career:
– In 1953 he entered the University of Baghdad – Department of Arabic language, and graduated in 1957 , then appointed a teacher of Arabic language in the provinces of Kirkuk.                                         – In 1960 he traveled to the Soviet Union and entered the Institute of Orientalism of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Leningrad and received a master’s degree, then a doctorate on his thesis ”history of modern Kurdish literature’ in 1967.
– he was awarded the title of Assistant Professor In 1973.
– he was awarded the title of Professor In 1979 .
– he became head of the Kurdish literature department at the University of Baghdad From 1973 to 1981 .
– In 1983 he traveled to Algeria and worked as a teacher until 1988 at the Institute of Arabic Language and Literature at Annaba University
– he became professor of Kurdish literature at University of Salahaddin -Erbil From 1988 to 2006.
– He was the editor-in-chief of several kurdish newspapers, including the ”Kurdish writer”, ”The Literatures” and others.

Languages ​​that he has mastered:
Kurdish – Arabic – Russian – Turkish – Persian – English – French.

His books and Articles:
He has about 60 works written and translated, in addition to hundreds of articles and researches:
. History of Kurdish Literature (Seven Sections), Issued During the Years (2001-2006) (in Kurdish).
. Memoirs of 5 volumes, (in Kurdish)
. Weight and rhyme in Kurdish poetry, Baghdad , 1962, (in Kurdish)
. The twelve Mariwan knights, and fifteen other stories, translated into Russian ,Moscow,1968.               . Kurds, Author: Minorsky, Translation and Commentary from Russian to Arabic ,Baghdad, 1968.
. Diwan Nali and Nali Dictionary, Study and Investigation,Baghdad, 1977,(in Kurdish)
. Russian Travelers in the Middle East, by: M. Dantsig, Translation from Russian to Arabic, Beirut,1981.
. Kurdyada, a poetic epopee, London, 1985 , (in Kurdish)