Kurds and Turks in Fatimid Egypt (358 – 567 A.H. / 969 – 1171 A.D.)

Sub Categories: History

Title: الأكراد والأتراك في مصر الفاطمية (358 - 567هـ / 969 - 1171م)
Researcher: Marwa Abdel-Aati Sayed Mohammed
Supervisors: Ahmed Shawky Alamrgy
Thesis Type: Master
Year: 2017
Pages: 369
Language: Arabic
University: Assiut University
Country: Egypt
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The study aims to shed light on the Turks and Kurds in Fatimid Egypt in the period from 358 to 567 AH / 969-1171 AD, and to identify their role in the development of political life. The study of the Fatimid state is an important stage in completing a series of seminars in the successive historical periods. This period of developments and political, economic and social events affected the conditions of the internal and external Fatimid state.