The Kurdish Problem Through the Rule of Abdul-Kareem Qasim 1958-1963

Sub Categories: History

Title: المشكلة الكردية في عهد عبد الكريم قاسم 1958 ـ 1963
Researcher: Sattar Mohammad Alwi Al-Haini
Supervisors: Khalid Hassan Juma'a
Thesis Type: Master
Year: 2006
Pages: 132
Language: English
University: Al-Mustansiria University
Country: Iraq
file: The-Kurdish-Problem-Through-the-Rule-of-Abdul-Kareem-Qasim-1958-1963.pdf


In its general frame, the Kurdish case is considered part of Iraqi National Movements, and it is a complicated case in Iraq recent political history, especially in the rule of Abdul Kareem Qasim, where the vast number of the Kurdish people and their different national belongings, are very difficult to fuse and melt.

An in spite of the region laying under the foreign control and the effect of the outside interferences, the governments want treatments the less to say about are unfair m, non-democratic, and in many times non-human to the degree of committing annihilation crimes and war crimes which are against humanity.

We are in front of a critical crisis when dealing with this subject, so we have to skip the narrow and shofanic conflicts, and work to establish new spirit in an actual frame which springs from Iraq unity and its sovereignty.