The Kurdish proverbs: a linguistic and cultural study of the Kurdish people

Sub Categories: Language
Publisher: Editorial University of Granada, 2012, 322p.

Title: Los refranes kurdos : un estudio lingüístico y cultural del pueblo kurdo
Researcher: Lawin Muhsin Ismail
Supervisors: Juan de Dios Luque Durán, Lucía Luque Nadal
Thesis Type: PhD
Year: 2011
Pages: 322
Language: Spanish
University: University of Granada
Country: Spain
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This thesis offers, on the one hand, an overview of the Kurdish society and language made upon the analysis of idioms of the Kurdish people and, on the other hand, it focuses on the study of a dialect of Kurdish: the Sorani dialect, also made through the study of idioms in Sorani. It also provides a comparative study between Kurdish and Spanish idioms. By this comparative study it has been studied the structural and semantic similarities between idioms of both languages. This thesis presents and develops an unknown subject in Spain and it is therefore the first linguistic-cultural comparative doctoral thesis work made between Kurdish and Spanish, and more specifically between the Sorani dialect and Spanish.