The role Arbil members in the Iraqi parliament during the royal era (1925-1958)

Sub Categories: History

Title: دور نواب أربيل في مجلس النواب العراقي خلال العهد الملكي 1925-1958م
Researcher: Hayman Othman Rasool
Supervisors: Ali Shalaby, Riyad Muhammad Al-Rifa’i
Thesis Type: Master
Year: 2015
Pages: 247
Language: Arabic
University: Mansoura University
Country: Egypt
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The current study is divided into an introduction and six chapters and a conclusion and a list of references: The first chapter, entitled (the evolution of Erbil and its political role before the 1925 Parliament) addresses Brigade Erbil and political development and the role of his deputies to discuss the Iraq Constitution and the Treaty of 1922 and the Law on the election of the House of Representatives in 1924 and the emergence of parliamentary life in 1925. The second chapter, entitled (statistical study and political analysis of economic Congress Erbil in the Iraqi Council of Representatives during the monarchy) analysis of the Iraqi Council of Representatives law and the structure of the Interior and its and its relationship to the executive branch, and the distribution of Congress Erbil in successive parliamentary sessions in the monarchy and the analysis of social and political them actually. He held the third chapter, (the position of vice Erbil from internal political issues address), addressing deputies Erbil from various national issues attitude. The fourth chapter, entitled (MPs Erbil and economic issues in the Iraqi Council of Representatives during the monarchy) examines the role of Congress in Erbil, agriculture, oil and trade issues, and financial issue, and ways to improve transportation and communication conditions, and issues of reconstruction of Iraq. The fifth chapter, entitled (MPs Erbil intellectual, and social issues in the Iraqi Council of Representatives during the monarchy), especially with regard to education and public freedoms, and the nature of the tribal Kurdish community, and the development of health services and treatment, and the issues of salaries and pensions and operation. He held the title of Chapter VI (MPs Erbil, Iraq’s foreign policy) and the treatment of the Iraqi relations, the British through the issue of Mosul and 1926 agreements 0.1927 m 0.1930 m and the Baghdad Pact and the Palestinian cause and the Egyptian issue and bilateral relations Iraq.