The Marwanid sons and their political and cultural role in the north of the upper Mesopotamia and Diyar Bakr in the period (380 – 478 A.H. / 990 – 1085 A.D.)

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Publisher: History

Title: بنو مروان ودورهم السياسى والحضارى شمالى الجزيرة الفراتية وديار بكر فى الفترة من (380 - 478هـ / 990 - 1085م )
Researcher: Mahmoud Abdel-Kader Abdel-Kader Sherbini
Supervisors: Ahmed Abdul-Hamid Alshamy
Thesis Type: PhD
Year: 1996
Pages: 642
Language: Arabic
University: Zagazig University
Country: Egypt
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