The Uprising of 1925 in Turkey and Its Reflections on the Issue of Mosul

Sub Categories: History

Title: انتفاضة عام 1925 في تركيا وانعكاساتها على قضية الموصل
Researcher: Isam Kadhem Abdul Ridha
Supervisors: Kamal Mudhhir Ahmed, Abdullah Shati Abhoul
Thesis Type: PhD
Year: 2011
Pages: 266
Language: Arabic
University: Al-Mustansiriya University
Country: Iraq
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The uprising of 1925 in Turkey is one of the important uprisings done by the Kurdish nationality individuals which reasons lie in their wish to have independence and to prove the existence. Despite the claims issued against it saying that it was a religious uprising came as a reaction due to exposing to the religious principles embraced by the Kurds, yet this opinion indicated a lot of sophism for its mottos being lifted assured independence and liberty. This uprising contributed in increasing the solidarity among the Kurdish people individuals, and also the outbreak history of this uprising was a painful hit to Turkey after it was concurred with the efforts of League  of  Nations and its own work in the self-determination report of Mosul district.


This uprising also refuted the Turkish claims of social conformity between Kurds and Turks and it assured the non honesty of Great Powers in its promises and obligations given to the Kurds. It was a coronation of all political movements preceding it like the movement of Ubaidullah Al-Nahri and the uprising of Ibrahim Al-Mulli. The arbitrary policy, followed by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk towards the Kurds represented by the continual and persistent work in order to undermine the items of Siver treaty which gave the Kurds their right in establishing their own Kurdish State, had its extensive impact on the outbreak of this uprising for representing the international legal supply on which the Kurds relied in order to endeavor to establish their own independent State.