The Yezidi Method and Doctrine: Critical Analytical Study

Sub Categories: Religion

Title: الأيزيدية منهجاً وعقيدةً : دراسة تحليلية نقدية
Researcher: Safa Alhadi Zakaria Shehata
Supervisors: Alsayed Mohamed Abdel-Rahman
Thesis Type: PhD
Year: 2018
Pages: 239
Language: Arabic
University: Mansoura University
Country: Egypt
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This study is about ”The Yezidi Method and Doctrine – Critical Analytical Study”.And the Yazidis of the sects scattered in large areas of Iraqi Kurdistan,Turkey,Syria,and republics in the former Soviet Union such as Armenia,Georgia,and initially this was a mystical method known as the method of hostility and had many followers,both Kurds,Others,and was a straight,and sound of deviations in the era of its founder Sheikh ”Uday bin Umassir Umayyad” (T. 555 AH).But after the death of Sheikh ”Uday ibn Musafir”,the period took the grandson of his nephew Sheikh method, and was named ”Sheikh Hassan” (d 644 e),and known to the Yezidis ”crown of the knowers,” and in the latter the method turned to a political party opposed to the Abbasid rule, Uday ibn Musafir ”as known by the Umayyads, but ends up attributed to” Marwan ibn al-Hakam ”the last Umayyad Caliphs,so Sheikh” Hassan bin Uday II ”was not satisfied with submission to the sons of Abbas,a descendant of the successors of illiterate sons,but did not have any trick To get out of the control and rule of his opponents to restore the glory of illiteracy,and when the sheikh came to him the way of hostility,and saw around him the multitude of tattoos He began by strengthening the inner row first by shedding a halo of holiness around himself,he had been isolated from his followers for six years, claiming that he would come up with something new to the Word The new,came to them with the book ”Glow to the people of solitude”and I understand then that they are not like all human beings are understood by Adam only,while the rest of the other sects of Muslims,Jews,Nasri,and others are from Adam and Eve.